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Phone Medics Plus Makes House Calls!

At Phone Medics Plus, we pride ourselves on providing our customers the best service at an affordable price. We also strive to make your repair process as smooth and convenient as possible. That’s why we recently began offering our customers house calls for certain computer and home entertainment services. At Phone Medics Plus, we know that it isn’t always easy to get your electronics to us for repair. Sure, a phone, tablet, or laptop can just be dropped off at our facility, but other things are harder to bring in. Desktop computers are bulky, and sometimes unhooking them and loading them into your car can be difficult. And some things aren’t really portable at all. If you’re having problems with your home wireless network or connecting a set-top box like a Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, or FireTV to your television, then coming to our facility isn’t really an option. That’s where our house call service comes in. For a reasonable hourly fee, our experienced technicians will come to you

How to Leave Us a Review

At Phone Medics Plus we hold customer service and transparency at the core of our company's culture and we appreciate when our customers let us know that we are achieving our mission successfully, and when they tell others about their experiences with us. Word of mouth has always been the best kind of advertising, and living in the age of the internet means that your word of mouth can reach a much wider audience than it once could. That’s why we want to share with you some of the best ways you can leave us a review online. Google The first and best way to leave us a review online is Google. If you look for us on Google Maps , you’ll find our address, phone number, and business hours. If you scroll down a bit, you can see our average review rating, read reviews, and leave us a rating and a review of your own. Facebook The second way to leave us a review is on our Facebook page . From our Facebook page, you can see reviews from other customers and leave your own. What’s

Phone Medics Plus Offers Free Battery Testing Services

At Phone Medics Plus, we’re committed to helping our customers make the best decisions regarding the services they need for their phones and computers. That's why we offer free battery testing services for your mobile devices. When you bring your phone to us we can evaluate your battery’s health and advise you on the best course of action to keep your phone operating at its best. Our Cadex C-7000 battery analyzer  Of all the components in your cell phone or tablet, the battery is the one most vulnerable to aging. You’ve probably noticed it happening: the older your phone gets, the more often you need to charge it. That’s because your battery has a limited number of charge cycles. As your phone ages, and as it gets charged and discharged over and over again, the chemical components inside start to break down and its capacity starts to diminish. Most cell phone batteries can last a couple years before the diminished capacity starts to become a real problem, depending on a vari

Phone Medics Plus Can Replace Your Old iPhone’s Battery

Here at Phone Medics Plus, we are committed to helping you extend the lifespan of your device for as long as possible. That’s why we have offered battery replacement services to the people of Brevard County for more than four years. In early 2017, users of certain older iPhone models began to notice that their phones were running slower after updating to iOS 10.2.1, and that replacing the battery fixed the problem. Rumor ran wild around the internet that Apple was deliberately using iOS software updates to slow down older phones in an attempt to entice users to upgrade to newer devices. Apple quickly responded to the controversy, apologizing for the situation and explaining why they had chosen to slow the older iPhones down. While most of the components inside an iPhone don’t really break down with age, the battery is an exception. The lithium ion batteries inside most consumer electronics are perishable: they have a limited number of charge cycles, and as they age, the chemicals

Using Your Cell Phone During A Hurricane

The hurricane season may be nearing its end for this year, but it's far from over. With Hurricane Michael about to make landfall in the Florida panhandle and a few other systems threatening to spin up in the Atlantic, now is a good time to take a look at some of the ways your cell phone should factor into your emergency preparedness plan. Weather Apps In preparing for a hurricane, as in many things in life, one of the most important tools you have is information. While you can access information about hurricanes from a variety of sources, including local news, there are a number of smartphone apps that can help you get a handle on what’s going on. The two most popular are Hurricane Tracker and Hurricane: American Red Cross, both of which are available for iPhone and Android. Manage Battery Life Hurricanes and power outages go hand in hand. If you’re in an area that gets hit, you’re pretty much guaranteed to lose power for at least a few hours. When that happens, you want to